Cost of convergence

You can’t afford to: create the installer, finish the release notes, and tie up all those little loose ends. Not for every increment. It takes a long time and the effort simply isn’t worth it.

I was recently developing a significant new feature on an ASP.NET application. The client’s regular dev team is located in India, but for this new feature they wanted somebody whom they could work with face-to-face, and having me dedicated to the project (for a short time) seemed like an advantage.

We started off really well. I was able to get into TFS for version control, connect to the development database, and add a few basic pages to get started.

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Testability, Simply

When they try to “do Agile,” many people work too hard at it. The right idea is to cut down on things that don’t get the project done and build up things that do get the project done.

Here’s another real-life example of applying Agile values and principles in weird or hostile environments. You can adapt well-known Agile practices or even make up your own. The values and principles are what matter.

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